Introducting the new Aspaeris Pivot Shorts Gen2TM


Through feedback and testing from users, Aspaeris developed a second-generation short with enhanced fabric, fit, and compression features. The new APS Gen2TM features an improved fabric weave with reinforced seams that will extend the life of the short, as well as a stylish color block logo. Additional changes include a newly designed crotch, comfort waistband, and adjustability of the dual layers at the leg opening.


Like the original Pivot Short, the Gen2 has an inner short with Dual Sensory Compression BandsTM that help guide the athlete into proper position while she pivots and runs, which powers performance, speeds recovery and prevents injuries. The APS Gen2TM are currently available and come in black and a newly-released Aspaeris pink. 



24 female athletes ranging in age and athletic pursuits tested the APS Gen2TM. Here are some of their reviews:


  • “I love them! I wore them on a 15 mile run last weekend and they were great! My favorite new feature is the fact that the two layers are not attached.  It makes them so much easier to put on and so much more comfortable.  Fantastic upgrades!" - Jacqueline Garonzik Wang, marathoner


  • “During the run, I noticed they stayed put very well, kept my knees pain-free, and were very comfortable...I look forward to trying them in a softball game tomorrow as well.“ - Denise Pupo, multisport athlete


  • "After wearing Gen2 on several 10-11 mile runs. The waist is a good height, the compression is great, and I love the new inner/outer shorts design.” - Megan Lee, endurance runner


  • "I could feel more compression in the hip area...So far I really like them." - Kathryn Murphy, distance runner


  • "My hip flexors and quads were noticably less sore after my long run. I had always thought they would be too hot but they were not and wore nicely for the whole long and sweaty run." - Stacey Claasse, trail runner


Several testers also commented on the recovery benefits. 


  • "I wore them for recovery two days after my first half marathon...Overall, I love the fit and love the ease of putting them on, as well as the inner/outer bands staying together." - Robyn Marshall, runner


  • "I see more of a benefit for the post-workout recovery," - Danielle Marquis, runner and Crossfitter


  • “After a tough workout (non-running), one where I certainly would have been sore the next day, I threw these on, hung out in the for about 4-5 hours and then went to bed. The next day, no soreness." - Ashlie Crawford, athlete and runner
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