Runners often wear compression shorts and other apparel for recovery after long tough runs. Only Aspaeris™ has a triple purpose:


Improved Performance

The patent pending Dual Sensory Compression BandsTM guide your muscles into proper alignment. This guidance reduces your muscle fatigue allowing your body to move in the most efficient possible way. You’ll feel lighter and stronger as you push your body to the limits.


Runners know that the less energy used worrying about form, the more energy available to run a faster race.


Faster Recovery

Running in Aspaeris sets you up for an easier recovery period through improved muscle alignment. However, if you only wear Aspaeris for recovery, the Dual Sensory Compression BandsTM serve a secondary purpose in holding muscles in place and improving the circulation to your tired quads, hamstrings, and glutes.


Injury Prevention

Your race goals may be to beat your personal best, but Aspaeriscompression apparel is made for more than just performance. Proper body alignment means you’re lessening your chance of injury.


When you’re on your 24th mile of a marathon, you are not thinking about running form anymore. Let Aspaeris do the thinking for you. The light guidance will help you maintain your form and stay strong til the end.


Aspaeris is not your everyday compression wear; it provides a triple threat. Performance, Recovery, and Prevention. Let us give you the confidence you need on your run.



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